2014 Monster Cross KML file

The 2014 Monster Cross route can downloaded by clicking the following link.  2014_route.kml. Right-click the link and save as. Rename the file by removing the “_1.txt” and simply leaving “2014_route.kml”.  Next, use the file in anyway you’d like.  Our web host wouldn’t let us upload a KML file so we renamed it with a .txt extension.

What can you do with this file? View in Google Earth or Google Maps. View in QGIS or convert to shapefile and view in ArcGIS. Convert to GPX and upload to www.gpsvisualizer.com.  If you already have our Pisgah Ranger District map on PDF Maps, overlay the KML file and away you go.

How do you overlay a GPS file in PDF Maps? Check here – http://pdf-maps.com/support