WNC Trail Guide: DuPont State Recreational Forest

DuPont Trail Map
WNC Trail Guide: DuPont State Recreational Forest

We are happy to announce the Western North Carolina Trail Guide: DuPont State Recreational Forest.  This is our second in the Western North Carolina Trail Guide series.  Less than 20 miles from the area covered by our Pisgah map and less than an hour from Asheville, this map is the perfect complement to our

All the trails and new realignments

The DuPont State Recreational Forest Trail Guide map is made for any and all outdoor enthusiast that enjoy North Carolina’s first State Recreational Forest.   We spent several months hiking and mountain biking every trail and road in the forest to ensure our GPS data reflected the current state of the trail system including all re-alignments.  This is the map for anyone who enjoys biking or hiking in Western North Carolina.

Easy to ready and use

Our unique symbology and labeling of all trail and road names makes this map easy to use while navigating in the woods.  All of the forest trails and roads are included in this map.  Whether you are out for a short walk to the river, hiking a loop to take in one or more waterfalls or riding some of the best mountain biking trails in North Carolina – this map is for you!

Inset maps of popular rides and waterfalls

Included with this trail guide are descriptions and inset maps of 6 popular mountain bike rides with elevation profiles.  A waterfalls inset map showing the High Falls, Triple Falls, Hooker Falls and Grassy Creek Falls makes it easy to find the popular waterfalls in DuPont State Recreational Forest.  Make sure to learn about the history of the forest as well as the rules and regulations to follow by reading the details on the trail guide.

Learn about trail etiquette 

With more people using the forest every year, we’ve included a special trail etiquette section on this map.  Learn ways to reduce conflict between different users in the forest when you inevitably run into other people using the forest.

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WNC Trail Guide: South Pisgah Ranger District0

South Pisgah Trail Guide
WNC Trail Guide: South Pisgah Ranger District including Bent Creek

including Bent Creek

The Western North Carolina Trail Guide: South Pisgah Ranger District is now in it’s 3rd printing.  We have slowly improved the map with each printing.  This guide is the best resource for all forest users including hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, naturalist, rock climbers, anglers, and more.  We have worked closely with the United States Forest Service, local mountain biking advocacy groups and others to ensure the highest level of accuracy in this trail guide.  We started our GIS database with existing Forest Service trails data and updated it using our own GPS data and local knowledge of the area and trails.

What makes this trail guide/map of Pisgah better than others?

  • We zoomed in on the most commonly used area of the forestbetween Asheville – Brevard – Waynesville.  This allowed us to provide greater detail and accuracy of the trails and other natural features.
  • Trails names (in addition to trail numbers) are labeled on each trail.  This makes it easier to use this map in the field.
  • Increased scale map of Bent Creek on one side of the map.  Due to it’s geographic proximity to Asheville, Bent Creek is a very popular recreation area, and get’s more use than other areas of the forest.
  • Other popular areas/trailheads include Mills River Recreation Area, Turkey Pen, Davidson River, the Fish Hatchery, and Shining Rock Wilderness area.
  • 16 popular rides described with elevation profiles.

Look in these stores around Asheville and beyond for the South Pisgah trail guide. Made locally with local knowledge.

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Interested in Bent Creek? Check out our interactive web map of Bent Creek with a couple of highlighted mountain bike rides.