Where can you get a map?

Our maps are for sell at these great retailers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee!  If your store is not on this map, please let me know. If you no longer carry our maps, I’ll be happy to remove your store as well.

At these locations, you’ll find one or more of the following maps covering the areas around Asheville and Western North Carolina in general. The trail guides have the most current trail conditions in the National Forest, State Recreational Forest, State Parks and more.

  • WNC Trail Guide: Pisgah Ranger District including Bent Creek
  • WNC Trail Guide: DuPont State Recreational Forest
  • WNC Trail Guide: Grandfather Ranger District and parts of Appalachian Ranger District

This map was created using Google Fusion Tables and their geolocation API. It makes it pretty simple to geocode addresses and plot points on the map. The map can then be easily shared as seen above.

Also, once the addresses have been geocoded, we can export the data to CSV or KML to explore mapping in MapBox, ESRI, Leaflet or any other number of web mapping APIs. I’ll be getting up some other examples soon as I decide what works best for how we want to represent the information.

One of the things I like best about Google Fusion Tables is how easy it is to create a ‘heat map’ from your points. Unfortunately, heat maps cannot be embedded in web pages so I’ve include a screenshot below of what this looks like.